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Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique

I am certified in QHHT. This technique was developed by the infamous Dolores Cannon. Please see the QHHT website at By using hypnosis to regress the client, it allows direct communication with the Higher self. The healing result of these sessions are incredible. This technique is also beneficial for correcting habits and healing emotional issues.

So, if you are interested in past life regression and/or healing via QHHT give me a call or text me @ 970-731-2561 or email me at to make an appointment. These are in person appointments only.  The sessions can run from 5-7 hours longs. So, keep that in mind when scheduling your appointment. Let’s get to healing!!!!

I am now taking appointments for the Month of March and after!

Don’t forget to stock up

We also carry many clearing, smudging supplies; Sage, feathers, Palo Santo. Cedar and incense

“Stones and Crystals are living, benevolent beings, rich in qualities to help us through our daily lives.”

Obsidian for protection. Lapis for strength and courage. Amethyst for healing. Shungite protects for negative EMF. Labradorite encourages cooperation. Quartz and Selenite amplifies other stones abilities. Lemurian quartz can be used to retrieve information. Azurite provides insight. Malachite brings balance and abundance. Rose Quartz, unconditional self-love and gentleness.

We stock many beautiful Stones, Crystals and jewelry. Your life companion is waiting for you.

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